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Many parents work hard to raise their kids to be better than they are. If you’re ever mad at your parent’s outdated beliefs or behavior, that’s a sign they succeeded

Technically, serotonin and dopamine are the only two things you enjoy

If someone watches a movie that has a predictable ending, and tell others to watch it and that “it has an unpredictable ending” they’ll watch it expecting an unpredictable ending, which makes the predictable ending unpredictable

The larger the download button, the less safe it seems. 😅

Humanity could have colonized other planets and left some of us on Earth as an experiment

Paradoxically the 2nd biggest loser is a bigger loser than the biggest loser 😄

The human body is unexpectedly quiet for such a complex machine.

Most bomb defusal in action movies could be prevented if the villain use the same color for all of the bombs’ cables.

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