My name is Ali Faraji.

I am a Machine Learning enthusiastic and an open-source fan. I am into Mathematics.

I am currently hacking on (as of March 2024):

  • Machine Learning & Unlearning
  • Spatiotemporal Data
  • Something Related to LLMs & Transformers

My skills include but not limited to Python, Pytorch, Data Visualization, Statistics & Probability, Java EE, Spring, RDBMS, Angular, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Networking, Arduino, Server Configuration, Linux, Docker, AWS, API Development, Git,CI/CD, aspect oriented programming, object oriented programming, eclipse IDEs, wordpress plugin development, LLM-based application development.

Yes, those are a lot of skills, but I am not a master of all of them. I am a master of none, but I am a jack of all trades. I am a fast learner and I am always eager to learn new things by jumping into documentation/code and finding out what is behind it. :))

I am avaliable to collaborate on open-source projects, research, and chat about Machine Learning, Machine Unlearning, LLMs, Generative Models, Graph Theory, Game Theory, Mathematics, and cool frameworks and libraries. Shoot me an email at ali@farajii.info or ping me on LinkedIn.

– Ali